Welcome to RoWING Translation – your reliable source for translations into German or English.

You need a professional translation, otherwise the reputation of your company may suffer abroad or among your business partners? You need someone to proof-read and/or edit your texts before they are published? You need help being represented in other markets? 
Then you have come to the right place.

Not only do I possess profound and stable language skills in German and English. Due to my studies of Translation Sciences at the University of Vienna, I was also able to acquire essential competences such as analyses, research skills and many more that are vital to the professional conduct of a translator. Linguistic skills as well as cultural competences make me the perfect fit for your translational needs. 


RoWING consists of three elements: 
Ro derives from my name, Romana. Because my name is my guarantee for my qualities and my business.


Since I see language as a river, I understand my duty as a translator as a sort of 
Rowing process: I navigate on the flow of language to bring your text from one shore to the other unscathed. 


WING is a reference to the swallow, which has proved to be my companion all my life.  Just like a swallow conquers oceans, rivers and various landscapes, a text always travels from one place to the next as well.